Unlimited Hosted Domains

Work on a number of websites at the same time, from a single hosting account when using the semi-dedicated servers from 99.9% uptime, reliable, fast & more Free domain, 7x24 support. Each of our servers offers unlimited hosted domains and to make their existence in only one account possible, we supply unlimited disk space and data traffic, together with large CPU usage quotas. In this manner, you will never run out of resources and your web sites will evolve freely as your website visitors keep growing.With our cutting-edge control panel, handling all of your domains from a single location will be a breeze. Unlimited Hosted Domains

Daily Data Backups

Don't worry about your website when using 99.9% uptime, reliable, fast & more Free domain, 7x24 support’s semi-dedicated servers. You will find fully automatic daily backups of all of the information inside your account as standard. Not only do we copy your account daily, we do it several times each day. Furthermore, at any time, you have access to each of the available backups for your account.With our modern hosting platform, we are able to restore your backup within seconds. And this can be done with just a single click. Daily Data Backups

1-click Web Apps Installer

Take advantage of the 1 click web app installer tool packed in our web hosting control panel to rapidly install over 40 exceptional web apps. You can forget about searching for the most up-to-date release or handling elaborate application setups. Using our tool all apps are updated to their current version and all app installations are done with a single click, no need for any setup on your end. Since we personally evaluate each web application along with its latest release, you can be positive that your app will be running efficiently. Furthermore, we offer automated app security, courtesy of ModSecurity. This little Apache module works as an application firewall and it will automatically block many hacker attacks for your web site. It's cost-free and it is enabled by default for your semi-dedicated server. 1-click Web Apps Installer

Free Control Panel

With each of the semi-dedicated servers available at 99.9% uptime, reliable, fast & more Free domain, 7x24 support you will have our free of cost Web Hosting Control Panel. Created specifically for our own hosting platform, it's lightning-fast, absolutely secure, and really easy to use. With immediate access to all the essential menus all the time and with a variety of free of charge bonuses readily available, it is the best and most efficient way to manage your semi-dedicated server.In addition to that, you will appreciate that it offers a set of website accelerators, that will help you significantly enhance the speed and performance of your websites. They are offered at no cost with every server. Free Control Panel

Plenty of free-of-charge bonuses

We give you extra value for your money by including loads of free bonus features with each semi-dedicated server. Our semi-dedicated servers feature our custom web hosting Control Panel, which is loaded with handy tools that will help you quickly set up a new website or bring your existing web sites one stage further, including a single-click App Installer, an Instant Website Installer, a Framework Installer, a Website Builder, a collection of numerous free themes.

Plenty of free-of-charge bonuses

Ultra-modern Data Center

Enjoy hosting inside our high-tech USA data center, where our semi-dedicated servers are placed. You will have a one-of-a-kind hosting atmosphere, with the data center providing unparalleled connectivity to the rest of the world. At the same time, thanks to the remarkable on-location support team, we have been able to swiftly set up our custom internal network driven by top-notch switches and routers, allowing for us to offer a 99.9% guaranteed network uptime.Furthermore, our US data center gives you outstanding security and backup options. With mantraps and 24-7 CCTV, access to the servers is limited. Numerous anti-DDoS devices are working at all times to keep your websites online in case of a large hacker attack. A number of diesel generators are on-site to provide consistent power supply in the event of an electrical failure. Ultra-modern Data Center
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